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MakarNaguib, MA

 Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 


Makar is an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist whose service is focused on helping couples gain the most fulfilling experience possible in their relationships.  As a therapist and coach, Makar has thousands of hours of experience working with couples, families, and individuals.  He also delivers over one hundred lectures per year in the US and Canada covering topics related to marriage, parenting, leadership, and spirituality.


Makar’s work with couples involves skill-building and enrichment for couples with positive momentum, and providing insight and appropriate crisis responses for those couples facing significant challenges.


Makar believes that there is hope for every couple that is willing to do work to grow.  He is passionate about the experience of a healthy marriage and family.  Makar believes that everyone can gain insight, resolution, and skills to shift their life and relationships to a higher trajectory.