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Jackie Eppinger, MA

 Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 


Jackie received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Child Studies specialization from Bucknell University and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with a clinical focus on LGBTQ issues, developmental psychopathology, and family systems from Antioch University Los Angeles. Her clinical background has included working in residential facilities, Intensive Outpatient Programs, children’s hospitals, LGBTQ services, and at the Cancer Support Community of Los Angeles. 

As a therapist, Jackie strives to meet her clients where they are by building connection through trust and understanding. Feeling seen and understood, especially during moments of hardship, is important to establish a sense of stability, support and to build resilience amidst major challenges. She focuses on helping individuals gain insight into their feelings, thoughts, and actions.


She integrates a variety of counseling techniques in her work which often includes a focus on emotions, interpersonal patterns, and early experiences within one's family, culture, and surrounding environment. Her education and clinical experience have provided her with the expertise that allows for her to best provide support through some of the more difficult concerns during life, including grief, trauma, and coping with long term chronic illness and cancer.

As an individual who has worked with the LGBTQ population closely, she also can provide the unique experience of understanding individuals through an affirmative therapeutic approach.

Jackie specializes in working with the LGBTQ+ population, chronic illness and cancer, and with kids and teens. She is available for individual counseling and group therapy.

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