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Laura Brownstein, AMFT

My name is Laura Brownstein, and I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and a Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor based in West Los Angeles and Van Nuys. My goal as a clinician is to help guide my clients and their support systems to find ways to manage challenges in their lives. I hope to help them to a degree that they are confident and able to use strategies and advocacy skills to overcome these challenges. 


My way of helping clients is collaborative and humanistic based where I work with the client at a pace that is not rushing the therapy and am instead part of the change with them. I work with children, adolescents, and adults who are going through challenges in their lives whether school-based, relationship-based, or with work issues. I try to help clients take back control of their lives, so they have confidence and autonomy in their own decisions. 


I can provide a safe and trusting therapeutic space, where clients are able to open up, trust the process, and begin the work of healing and perseverance. Whether through play-based modalities, changing thought patterns and cognitions, or via somatic or therapeutic art making, my clients can see real change in their lives. I am in a Registered Play Therapy (RPT) credential program and am also a Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider. I see the benefit of play-based skills for both children and adults. 


I offer a unique and specialized solution based on the client and what they want to accomplish and achieve. Therapy will look very different from client to client but the outcome and process I will offer will be that of empathy, support, compassion, and non-judgmental. I will use an Adlerian and Humanistic lens that is based in theory that we have a need to belong and feel supported.  

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