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Delilah Bakhaj, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 


Delilah Bakhaj is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who received her M.A. in clinical psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy from Pepperdine University. 


Delilah works with children, teens, young adults, couples, and families who tend to be self-critical and experience anxiety, difficulty with communication, or difficulty transitioning through life. She knows the power of kindness and self-compassion as well as holding oneself accountable without being mean or self-degrading. 


Delilah has vast experience working with children through play therapy and empowers them to turn undesired characteristics to their benefit. She believes children need opportunities to understand and harness their behaviors in order to utilize new tools learned to express their feelings.  


Delilah also works well with those who have felt lost, isolated and alone from enduring trauma and significant losses. She provides structure and creative ways to help foster strength and resiliency so individuals feel better about themselves, their family and friends.   Delilah advocates for others to develop their own "inner cheerleader."  


The old patterns we've developed as children don't always help us in difficult situations when we transition into adulthood. We cannot always rely on others to support us when we feel down. Delilah can help her patients learn and utilize tools gained in therapy in order to provide support and comfort for yourself when it's most needed. She believes growth is about: compassion for self and others, accountability, forgiveness, and being mindful of/changing distorted thoughts. 


That's something her patients will learn through therapy and play a huge role with personal growth.

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